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SPAR is a 501(c)(3) public charity.

Holiday Cheer

Now through December 22, 2023 - Snowman Soup / Reindeer Food

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Cat of the month

Meet Sassy: A Loving Mama with a Big Personality Sassy arrived with her two newborns, but now that her babies have found homes, it's her turn to find a forever family. This little lady has a massive personality and an abundance of love to give. Sassy craves attention and will grab your hand with her paws for more pets. She is intelligent and enjoys playing with puzzle toys filled with treats. While Sassy got along with medium/large dogs in foster care, she did not mesh well with the resident cat. After adoption, she was returned after the small dog in her new home was frightened by her exuberant nature. Her current foster is working on teaching her how to play rough yet safely, with claws in when grabbing and gentle nibbles during playtime. Sassy is a social butterfly and loves being the center of attention. She enjoys cuddling, playing, and going on walks or hikes while safely on a harness and leash. However, she is content to stay indoors with proper mental and physical stimulation. If you're looking for an adorable best friend with a big personality, Sassy is the girl for you!

Kitten of the week

Abby: The Adorable Kitten Looking for a Loving Home Behold Abby, the adorable kitten seeking a home filled with warmth and love. Nestled within her foster family's embrace, she is a beacon of affection, eager to snuggle upon your lap or perch atop your shoulder, purring with delight. Her playful nature has endeared her to most of the cats in her current abode, though she may not be a suitable companion for an alpha cat unaccustomed to such frolicsome ways. Yet, Abby's cunning has taught her to steer clear of the more discerning felines, instead opting to frolic with her furry friend, a dear dog who delights in showering her with affection. This magical creature's journey to your realm was fraught with peril, as she was cruelly discarded from a moving vehicle in Winchester. However, a kind soul intervened, rescuing Abby from certain doom. Now, she seeks a forever home, a sanctuary where she may nap upon your desk and slumber by your side, be it upon your bed or a lofty cat tree. In return for your kindness, Abby will bestow upon you endless cuddles and purrs, a constant source of comfort and joy.

Adoption Application

To adopt Sassy or Abby, please complete an adoption application here:

Our Impact

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