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Q1 2024 Progress

We're thrilled to share with you the incredible strides we've made in the first quarter of 2024, thanks to your unwavering support and dedication to our cause. This quarter, SPAR has been involved with two critical cases of animal suffering, one each in Hardy County, WV, and Hampshire County, WV. We partnered with our friends at To The ResQ to trap and transport cats to other area rescues, collectively making a significant impact in helping these animals. We had quarantine space for only two of these cats to intake ourselves. This collaboration reflects our commitment to working together with like-minded organizations to save more lives. In addition to our rescue efforts, we're excited to announce that SPAR has been awarded two grants this year, with hopes for more to come. Stay tuned to our website and local media for press releases unveiling our upcoming initiatives. We have some exciting plans ahead, including partially subsidized adoption fees and free distemper vaccines for cats and dogs. We're also partnering with local veterinarians to offer low-cost rabies vaccines, microchipping, and deworming services. Our expanded partnerships with businesses have allowed us to reach more animals in need, and we're honored to have been selected to co-host TTR's Gala this Fall. Let's delve into the numbers for Q1 2024: We've had 101 intakes, 38 adoptions, 42 cats returned-to-field (RTF), and 1 owner redemption. While we're proud of these accomplishments, we are determined to increase our adoptions and owner redemptions this year. Look out for exciting announcements about our goals in the near future. Additionally, we've had an impressive 87 spay/neuter surgeries, contributing significantly to controlling pet overpopulation in our community. We cannot overstate the importance of your donations in sustaining our life-saving work. Every contribution, no matter how small, makes a tangible difference. Your $5/month donation might seem modest, but it fuels our efforts and enables us to save more lives together. On a different note, as we enter kitten season, we want to remind everyone about responsible kitten handling. Please resist the urge to scoop up kittens you find, as their mother is likely nearby. Contact us or another area rescue for guidance on when to intervene. We also urge caution regarding panleukopenia, a deadly disease that can spread rapidly - you can't just bring kittens into your home from outside. If we're unable to accommodate new kittens immediately, we'll reach out to our network for assistance. Remember, kittens belong with their mother until advised otherwise by a rescue or veterinarian. Providing outdoor shelters and keeping food nearby but not close to kittens can help ensure their safety. Let's work together to reduce cat overpopulation by promoting spaying/neutering and responsible pet ownership. Lastly, we have adoption events nearly every weekend as the weather improves. Check our website for details at, and consider dropping off donations of food, supplies, or monetary contributions to support our mission. Volunteers are always needed for various tasks, including fostering, transportation, event support, and yes, even snuggle time with kittens! If you didn't know you could volunteer to cuddle with adorable kittens, now's your chance to join in the fun. Happy Spring, and thank you for being a vital part of our efforts to save and improve the lives of animals in need.💜🖤💜 #SPAR #AnimalRescue #AdoptDontShop #SaveLives #Volunteer #KittenSeason #ResponsibleOwnership #SupportSPAR

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Cat of the month

Meet Minnie Mouse: A Loving Cat looking for a Lap Minnie Mouse is a 4 to 5 year old little lady that loves to be wherever you are. Whether it is working in your office or in the kitchen, she will be there. She loves to window watch for birds wherever she has a seat and loves her pom poms. She will play with them until she falls asleep. She will find her comfy spot to hide away and sleep on a comfy warm bed or pile of clothes. She is good with other cats even those twice her size. She loves being petted and held but she will let you know when her time is up with her little grumpy meows and mers. Her little morning meow squeaks are so soft but don't let her fool you because when it comes to food she is the loudest. Minnie is awaiting her forever home with the perfect family that will give her all the love she could ever want or need.

Kitten of the week

Meet Smudge - A Shy Beauty with a Heart of Gold! In the enchanting world of feline companions, Smudge stands out as a delicate soul, a female kitten who brings a unique blend of shyness and curiosity to your home. If you're looking for a gentle and patient companion, Smudge might be the perfect match. Smudge is always playful and full of boundless energy, ensuring there's never a dull moment in her presence. However, her calm and laid-back moments add a touch of tranquility to her spirited nature. While she may be shy, her heart is always brimming with curiosity, making every interaction with her a step towards building trust. This lovely lady prefers to be the center of attention, as she does not get along with other cats and is scared of dogs. However, she adores the thrill of chasing toys along the floor, and sometimes, she'll indulge in watching the world go by from the window or lounging around, contemplating her surroundings. Smudge's social demeanor extends to adults, and she's approachable by older children. Although she may hide from strangers initially, her reserved but friendly nature shines through once she feels comfortable. While she tolerates being handled, she prefers to establish trust before allowing close interactions. Smudge is a shy girl at first, but her curiosity and desire for companionship make her truly special. She loves the idea of being around people and will often linger, waiting for the right moment to make her move. Though not a fan of being picked up, once you earn her trust, she will climb onto your lap, relishing the attention and affection she craves. If you're ready to open your heart to a gentle and patient companion, consider welcoming Smudge into your home. With time, patience, and a sprinkle of love, you'll witness this shy beauty blossom into a trusting and affectionate friend. Adopt Smudge today and embark on a journey of mutual understanding and companionship!

To adopt Minnie Mouse or Smudge, please complete an adoption application here:

Our Impact

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