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Available Services

Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR)

(TNR) and colony management is the only humane approach to the management of feral and stray cats.


The cats are vetted, vaccinated, sterilized, microchipped, and ear-tipped.  They are then released back into their colony to live their lives without reproducing further.

Note that TNR help means we will loan you traps, show you how to use them, and pay for the spay / neuter / vaccines / microchips.  You still have to do the trapping and transport the cats to the clinic or to a rendezvous point.  We do not have enough volunteers to do everything for you - this is a partnership. 


​ Apply for TNR help today.

Help with Rehoming

Many people contact SPAR with helping to rehome a pet for various reasons. Most often it is because the family is moving and cannot have pets in their new home. 

If you need help rehoming your pet, please use the link in our Rehome Listings.


This is our public education area for all of our combined knowledge about cat and kitten care.


We will be uploading more information soon.

Help with Lost Pets

  1. Please be sure to notify your local shelters and animal control if you have lost or found a pet. This page is not a substitute for notifying shelters.

  2. List your pet on Petco's LoveLost.

  3. From our friends at Full Tilt Tracking, LLC, here are links to pdf files with tips for what to do when you lose your dog or cat.  Time is of the essence, and many people make mistakes in that first day.

  4. If you are in Frederick County, VA, please post to the Frederick County, VA - Winchester Lost & Found Pets Facebook group.  For other areas, search to see if you have a similar group in your area.

Community Outreach

Know someone who wants to do community service or who manages a youth / young adult group / senior group?  SPAR is a 501(c)(3) registered Public Charity.  We have something for everyone to do. Connect with us to learn more.

Volunteer Resources

This is the place to go for FAQs about fostering, transporting, checklists, etc.

We will be uploading more information soon.


Cats and kittens are adopted after being properly vetted, vaccinated, spayed/neutered, and microchipped. Adoption fees are $75 for one year old plus and $125 for under one year old.

If you aren't sure which animal you would like to adopt but want to get pre-approved, you can put in a generic application.

Once approved, you'll be able to reserve a kitty and/or attend an adoption event to pick out your new best friend.

Note that unspayed / unneutered animals can come to your home under "foster-to-adopt" status until we complete their surgery.  We do not finalize adoptions on any unaltered kitties.


Cats and kittens are fostered by SPAR volunteers in their homes.  Fosters evaluate their behavior, correct any unwanted behaviors, and help them become great housecats while giving them lots of love and attention. 

Apply to be a foster today and share your home and love with an animal in need. 


Fostering saves lives and helps create well-adjusted kitties ready for their forever homes.  It is a very rewarding experience, and many of our adopters and fosters stay in touch to share pictures and stories.

We turn down new intakes almost daily due to lack of foster space.

Lost and Found Pets

Use the buttons below to report lost and found pets. Your efforts can make a difference and help reunite lost pets with their owners. Please also see our section on services above for tips and other steps to take.

Rehome Listings

While SPAR will assist in any way possible, we are limited to resources available to help. To assist owners who may need to rehome their beloved pets, we are partnering with Rehome to help owners get the word out and share pets that are looking for a home to transition to. 

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