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All potential adopters must complete an adoption application prior to setting up a meet and greet.  You can visit with adoptable kitties at our adoption events, but you will not be able to take one home until your application is approved.  You can click on a specific kitty in the adoptable gallery below to start the process or complete a non-specific adoption application if your kitty is not yet clickable.  You will receive a confirmation email that we are working on your application.  If you do not receive that email, check your spam folder.  If you do not have an email, then you application did not go through, which can happen with some iPhones due to permission settings.

Our application is thorough because we are trying to find good homes.  Please be patient, and make sure to call your vet and references to give us permission to speak with them.  It can be done in a day if we have a volunteer available and your vet and references answer the phone and have been given permission to speak with us.  It can take much longer if your vet and references have no idea we are calling.  We do not have volunteers available every day, but we do try to start on applications on the same day they are received.  Make sure to communicate during the approval process to avoid delays and/or your application being archived.

After Application Approval

If Spayed / Neutered, Medically / Behaviorally Cleared

You can set an appointment to transfer and complete the adoption.  Payment is collected through a secure payment link as part of the adoption process.

If Not Yet Spayed / Neutered, nor Medically / Behaviorally Cleared

If your kitty is not yet ready for adoption, then we will place an adoption hold on that kitty for you.  Once they are cleared medically and behaviorally (usually between 8 and 11 weeks), you can choose to:

  • foster-to-adopt until the spay/neuter surgery, meaning you provide food / litter and we provide vet care through our vet; or

  • keep them with their foster until they recover from surgery. 

Once approved, you can join the Microsoft Teams channel for that particular kitty to follow along as they learn and grow, including pictures and videos from their foster.  If you choose not to join Teams, communication will be delayed as that is our platform of choice.  We are 100% volunteer run, and we all work outside of the rescue.

 Spay / Neuter Required

All kitties adopted through SPAR shall be altered (spayed or neutered) so that they cannot reproduce before the adoption is finalized. 

Adoptable Gallery

Rehome Gallery

While SPAR will assist in any way possible, we are limited to resources available to help. To assist owners who may need to rehome their beloved pets, we are partnering with Rehome to help owners get the word out and share pets that are looking for a home to transition to. 

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